Jampui Hills, Tripura

Jampui Hills is the highest hill range in the state of Tripura. The hill is located in the North-Eastern part of Tripura bordering Mizoram and is situated about 200 kilometres from Agartala, the capital of the state. The average altitude of the hills is about 3000 feet above sea level which gives the hills their unique weather and hence the name Jampui which means 'Eternal Hills Of Spring’. Remarkable landscape and refreshing climate - these two things are famous for tourists to visit Jampui Hills. The sunrise and sunset views from Jampui Hill are simply breathtaking. The local people and their beautiful villages are also an attraction for visitors.

How to Reach

Jampui Hills is about 200 km (around 6.5 hours drive) from Agartala by road. Agartala, the state capital is also the nearest major airport to reach here. Kumarghat and Dharmanagar are the two nearby rail stations.

Kailasahar, which is the base for a visit to Unakoti, is about 100 km and a 3.5-hour drive away. So a tour of Jampui hill is normally combined with a tour of Unakoti.

Things to see

Jampui Hills is not a typical tourist destination that you will visit for sightseeing. There are hardly any prefixed sightseeing points or standard tourist activities here. The entire area is new to tourism and the concept of a large number of tourists visiting various sightseeing points has not reached this part yet. This can be a big advantage to anyone who wishes to enjoy the essence of a place in a non-touristic way. It is still possible to engage in an easy conversation with some locals, you can walk around the long unwinding roads without being approached by souvenir vendors and enjoy the song of silence over a rising sun without jostling for space with other tourists. The serene surroundings with lush green are a treat for the eyes

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