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EHTTOA in collaboration with the Department of Tourism (Governemnt of India) organised a capacity building program for service providers like Home Stay Owners, Hoteliers in Darjeeling, Pedong, Siliguri and Lataguri (Dooars) between 8th February, 2014 to 2nd March, 2014. Benefits will be travel related Front Office / Information Desk staffs from Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, etc w. The first phase of the program was a success at Anand Palace in Darjeeling. Staff of Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, R J Resort, Yuma, Summit Hotel, Hotel Choice, Riddhi Siddhey, Anand Palace, North Star, etc joined the Workshop. The Dooars part of the program will be held at Tia Bon and Murty Resort, Lataguri. Pedong workshop will be held at Pedong Community Hall, Siliguri Workshop will be at Barsana Hotel & Resort.  

The workshops were divided in Pre and Post Lunch sessions from 09 AM to 04 PM and for two days at each venue. 50 members at each destinations was trained in two seperate module of 25 Members each. More than 50 people participated in the first venue. Eminent experts from different fields related to tourism acted as faculty. The program was a resounding success.

Current Status:


  • A substantial portion of the Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff belong to the lower socio-economic strata and has minimal educational background.
  • Major soft skill training required to upgrade their communication skills and create a more professional workforce.
  • Most Home Stay owners / Hotel Staff are currently not aware of what to inform the tourist to make their stay memorable 

Solution has to be found at multiple levels:

  • Imparting of basic soft skill training
  • Imparting educational in terms of language and basic vocabulary – in English, Bengali and Hindi
  • Targeted improvement in body language and behavioral quantity
  • Improvement in personal hygienic and grooming.
  • In calculating empathy for sick and physically challenged persons
  • Creating a positive attitude and desire to improve and display good service amongst cab drivers
  • Increased knowledge of key tourist locations in Kalimpong and its environs

Project Objectives:

Develop more professional soft skill


  • Improve the way Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff deals with customers.
  • Ensure a better understanding and empathy with customers.
  • Better language skills thus increasing the chance of repeat clientele and improving the users’ experience.
  •  Create an awareness to improve Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff

Initiate hospitality education at basic level –


  • Increase empowerment through better skills.
  • Position of Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff as part of regions Hospitality workforce and culture.

Create a can-do positive Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff community 


  • Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff assurance scheme that trainees can pledge to up hold.
  • Brand Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff – they can wear a badge, be issued a certificate, etc.

Current Sectoral Status:

There is hardly any system of formal or structured training for personnel in these categories at present in Eastern India, in any government or private institution. Untrained youth form the weaker sections of the society, with very little formal education, are picked up indiscriminately, put in driving trade and are left to learn by ‘observing’ only. No soft skill knowledge is imparted. There is no system of certification; most of them never get formally appointed and are, therefore, deprived of statutory employment benefit.

Subjects to be covered:

Health Knowledge

  • Health & Disease
  • Basic first aid
  • Handling of emergency situations.
  • Eating properly & avoiding substance abuse like Guthka etc. in front of customers. 

Basic Grooming


  • Importance of daily bathing
  • Shaving & brushing
  • Cleanliness of the vehicle / Home Stay, etc
  • Use of clean uniforms 

Soft Skills


  • Communication
  • Attitude
  • Mannerism
  • Improvement of basic behavior
  • Use of proper language courtesy
  • Local knowledge including that of tourist interest 

Training Methodology:


  • Total Sessions – Two full time days of at least 6 hours per day with practical training and audio Visual display
  • Evaluation – At the end of classes and program
  • Documentation – Each classes / session is recorded in a log-book, countersigned by the mentor and hand outs given by required.
  • Practical learning – By observation, under supervision and independently.
  • Award – Each successful student will be presented with a certificate on successful completion of course which they can show for completing the training


Role of Home Stay Owners / Hotel Staff in the community:


Direct intervention


  • Better support services. For elderly and lady tourist
  • Empathetic services for sick and physically challenged passengers
  • Better performance due to improved soft skill training
  • Increased level of confidence due to acquired soft skills 



  • Providing class services to tourist and local community




Posted on: 12 Feb, 2014

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