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Mawsynram is a small village perched in the East Khasi Hills District of the state of Meghalaya in the Northeastern part of India. Situated at the backdrop of the beautiful Khasi Hills, this extremely scenic village is a nature lover's paradise. Regarded as the wettest place in India as it receives the most rainfall in the country and is one of the wettest places on earth, this serene and tranquil village attracts tourists from all over the world. Situated at a height of more than 4500 feet from sea level Mawsynram is blessed with lush green valleys, beautiful mountains, cascading waterfalls, floating clouds and mist, natural caves and pools of water bodies and gushing streams. The subtle beauty of this place has made it one of the most unique and fascinating tourist destinations in North East. The place derives its name from the native Khasi word Maw which means Stone. 

Getting There

Mawsynram is well connected by road from Guwahati and Shillong. Guwahati is 155 km long and takes about 4.30 hours. Shillong the capital of Meghalaya is 60 km away and it takes 2 to 2.30 hours by road. Cherrapunji is 80km and a 2-hour drive.

Things to see

Mawjymbuin Cave
This is a natural wonder and one of the most beautiful natural caves in the country. Situated less than 3 km from Mawsynram village, this 209-metre cave is made of calcareous sandstone.
The cave is surrounded by eye-soothing green hills and waterfalls. The cave is regarded as an important shrine by the Hindus. It houses a Shiva Linga which is basically a natural stalagmite formation. The corresponding stalactite formation is imagined to be the udder of the holy cow that keeps the Shiva Linga bathed in the water at all times. The cave has a water stream inside which makes the cave more attractive. There are other stalagmite formations inside as well. There exists a dome-shaped flat-top rock called Symper rock that is regarded as another attraction.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest
This mysterious and sacred forest is spread over 192 acres and is a hidden jewel near the Mawphlang village. The forest consists of plants and trees some of which are believed to be ancient and have high medicinal values. The local Khasi people preserve this forest with great care which is part of their age-old tradition. The tribal belief is that the forest is protected by their deity Labasa who in the form of a tiger or leopard protects the jungle and the community. Any visitor here is required to abide by a rule by which no one is allowed to take anything out of this pious land. Another attraction here is the Khasi heritage village located opposite the forest. This village displays the culture and traditions of the local tribe.

The David Scott Trail
This is one of the oldest trekking routes and horse curt trails in Meghalaya. Originally it was constructed by Mr David Scott, a British officer in the early nineteenth century to connect Assam with Bangladesh. Now the popular walk is confined to a 16 km stretch from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang. This walk offers a magnificent view of nature. The path is in the midst of rolling green mountains covered with clouds accompanied by a river which hides at times. This is a walk to be remembered for a lifetime.

Jakrem hot water springs
These are several natural sulphur water springs believed to have medicinal and curative powers. These are situated on Shillong - Mawkyrwat road.

Mawlyngbna village
Situated approximately 15 km from Mawsynram this beautiful village is nestled on a hilltop. From the viewpoint of the top tourists can enjoy the confluence of Khasi hills and the plain lands of Bangladesh in a scenic backdrop. The village has natural freshwater springs. The Ar Phalat and Umdiengkain waterfalls gushing down the mountain here in Mawlyngbna village are ideal sites for nature lovers. The village is also famous for animal fossils that date back 200 million years. This draws the attention of not only the common tourist but the scientists and geologists as well.

Khreng Khreng viewpoint
Khreng Khreng is a Khasi word that means cracked rock. This is an ideal sunset point in the village. The beautiful Umngi River and Lumiawpaw Hill both are clearly visible from the point. The lush green scenic nature amidst the backdrop of villages is a sight to behold.


This area is the wettest in the country and one of the wettest in the world. The area receives more than 11000 mm of rainfall every year. The weather is cool and fresh throughout the year. Temperature ranges from 10 DC in the winter to 20 - 25 DC in the summer. Monsoon is the ideal time to enjoy the pristine beauty of Mawsynram. But for the refreshing weather one can visit at any point in time in the year.

Local Food

Cuisine remains an important part of Travel. In Mawsynram local Khasi cuisine is delicious. Rice, pulao preparations, vegetables and chicken are available. For red meat lovers, the place offers mouth-watering local pork preparations.

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