Rangaroon is a recent addition to the tourism map of Darjeeling hills. It is a tea garden and an adjacent village not far from Darjeeling town. The place offers an excellent view of mountains and hills and is just about 20 km from Darjeeling town. A new road is under construction which, once complete will bring down the distance to less than 10 km.

Rangaroon is derived from “Rai Gurung”, which is a Nepali caste. There is a substantial population of Rai and Gurung people in the village and its neighbouring area giving rise to the name.

The place

If you have ever been to Darjeeling before, you must have spent some quiet hours at the Darjeeling Mall, if you look at the hills at the back of the Mall, Rangaroon is the village that you will see at your extreme right. In other words, it is a village at the back of Darjeeling town.

To do and see

Rangaroon gives you the unique advantage of staying in a village and yet, having the same touring options as you would in Darjeeling town.

Tiger Hill, the popular sunrise viewpoint of Darjeeling is just 45 minutes drive from Rangaroon. Batasia loop and Ghoom monastery are just 30 minutes away.

Even though Rangaroon is quite close to all the sightseeing of Darjeeling, you may still prefer to stay in the village for its sublime serenity and awe-inspiring view. The village offers an unmatched view of Darjeeling town with Kanchenjunga in the background.

For the adventurous the hills around also offer great potential, local mountaineers have set up a climbing facility in the area. You can also try hiking to Darjeeling from here. For birding enthusiasts, both experienced and the greenhorns, this can be a great location to watch the avifauna.

Getting there

Just before you reach Darjeeling, the Ghum / Jorebungalow is the last hamlet. From here take the eastbound Peshok road and travel for 5 km to reach the 3rd-mile village. From here take the northbound downhill road to reach Rangaroon about 7 km away.

Where to stay

Rangaroon is growing in popularity for its Homestay accommodations. Several homestays have come up in the area. Humro Home Rangaroon is one of the better accommodations here. For more information on booking this Homestay as well as other accommodations in the area, you may get in touch with our helpdesk team by submitting the forms on this page.

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