Nagaland is a mountainous Northeast state of India surrounded by Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam, and Myanmar (Burma). Kohima is the capital of the state that covers about 16,579 Kilometre square in total area. Nagaland is one of the prime tourist destinations in Northeast India, famous for its rich culture, diversity of tribal people and festivals. There are about 16 main tribes that live in Nagaland. Kohima & Dimapur are the more important tourist destinations in Nagaland. English is the official language here with a major portion of the population comfortable communicating in English. Hornbill festival is the major festival in Nagaland.

Nagaland is always known as the Land of Festivals due to its diversity of people & tribes, every month there is a festival celebrated by different communities/tribes. All the Christian festivals are celebrated here since most of the population in Nagaland are Christian. Angami tribes celebrate Sekrenyi, Ao Tribes celebrate Moatsu, and Tsugremong. There are other tribes like Chang, Lotha, etc. 

Getting There

Dimapur Airport is the only airport in the entire Nagaland and has several commercial flights from Kolkata, Assam, Delhi and other places. Dimapur is also the main rail station serving the state. Nagaland is well connected by roads with a wide range of National Highways NH 61, NH 29, NH 36, and NH 150 passing through the state.

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