Situated at an elevation of 3000ft, Samsing is a nice cool shady place, ideal for nature lovers. The journey to Samsing is a memorable one, as you slowly ride uphill through the most picturesque Dooars tea garden on the rolling hill slopes.

Getting There

At a distance of 82 km from Siliguri, it takes about 3 hours to reach Samsing from Siliguri through the most picturesque landscape. As you enter Dooars through National Highway 31, you will cross Malbazar to reach Chalsa. From Chalsa take a left turn and drive on for 15 km via Meteli to reach Samsing. The last few kilometres of the drive are a feast for the eyes as you pass through some of the most picturesque tea gardens of Dooars including the Chalsa Tea Garden, Zurantee Tea Garden, and Samsing Tea Garden. The road is relatively narrow but there are few vehicles travelling through this route as the road ends at Samsing.

Local Sightseeing

Suntalekhola is where many tourists stay overnight. The place is about four kilometres further up the road from Samsing. The road ends here close to a small stream named Suntale Khola (`Suntaley` = Orange and `Khola` = Stream). There are WBFDC cottages and a bicameral bungalow. You have to walk over a small hanging bridge to reach the WBFDC forest resort here.

Next to Suntalekhola is the small picturesque village of Faribasti. The village has about 50 households and is very well maintained. Flower gardens are common in almost all households. Some of the households have started homestays for tourists with active support from HUMRO TOURS. You can walk through the village and its paddy land.

Rocky Island
Another attractive tourist spot is the `Rocky island nature resort` on the banks of river Murti. This is about 2 km from Samsing. The view of the river and surrounding forests are excellent from Rocky Island but tourist amenities are basic. Accommodation is arranged in small Tents for overnight visitors. The owners of this small resort are nature lovers and have so far resisted any attempt to commercialize this unique place. HUMRO TOURS is in regular touch with them and actively supports their endeavour.

River Murti
It is one of the most beautiful rivers of Dooars. The small river flows down from Neora Valley National Park and passes through Samsing and eventually meets Jaldhaka river near Gorumara National Park. The river is small enough to cross on foot during most of the year except the Monsoon months. At Samsing you can approach River Murti either at Rocky Island or near the old forest Bungalow.

Treks Around

Several trek routes originate from Suntale Khola. The Neora Valley National Park is adjacent to this place and most treks are organized in the surrounding area of the National Park. Trekkers can take a steep ride to `Tree Fern Point` and `Mo` or `Mo Chaki` for a great view of the Himalayas on one side and the plains of Dooars on the other. The hills of Bhutan and `Jelepla`, the pass connecting Tibet with India, can be seen from here. The most fascinating and thrilling trek leads to the untouched wilderness of Neora Valley National Park. Special permission from the forest department is required in order to organize this trek.

Where to Stay

As you enter Samsing, the first village you reach is the Tea Garden labour line. Not many accommodation options are available here. About 4 km ahead at Suntalekhola there are WBFDC (Forest Department) tourist cottages. Near Suntalekhola, in and around Faribasti village there are decent homestays available which provide basic accommodation. On the banks of River Murti, at Rocky Island, there are a few small eco-resorts and homestays. These places also offer basic amenities but are advantageous especially for groups interested in light-adventure activities. There are rock sites available nearby as well as River Murti which is an ideal spot for soft adventure activities. HUMRO TOURS has several Home Stay and Loading accommodations at Samsing for our valued guests. Our own brand Humro Home has its own homestay here. For further information as well as booking the accommodations, you may contact our helpdesk team by submitting the query form below.

Samsing Map

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