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Mechuka (Menchuka)

Covered by lush green pine trees & forest with snow-peaked mountains Mechuka, at 1250 meters, is a picturesque small town in the Shi-Yomi District of Arunachal Pradesh. Just about 30 Km from the Indo-China border this place is famous for its scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains and the local people living in this hilly destination. Mechuka, to the locals, means medicinal water originating from the snow. River Siyom flows through the Mechuka valley and the Mechuka town is the lifeline of local society. For tourists, this place is one of the most popular offbeat destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. 
Accommodations available for the tourists visiting these places are mostly homestays & a few tourists and government bungalows, A few basic hotels have also come up in recent years. Mechuka is a place with is surrounded by small villages with local tribes living there with agriculture as their main occupation.

Getting There

Mechuka is one of the most remote tourist destinations in India. Reaching here is anything but easy. There is an airstrip at Mechuka, which is mostly used by the defence forces. Helicopter service is available twice a week.

Dibrugarh is the nearest major rail station and airport. But the distance is about 440 km and the travel time is well over 10 hours. Normally you should be spending one night either at Pasighat or Aalo before you can cover this distance.

Aalo is 190 Km from Mechula and the district headquarters and can be reached in 4.5 hours. Pasighat is another 100 km and 3 hours drive. Pasighat is closer to Dibrugarh about 3 hour's drive away. 

To See

Marchuk is famous as an offbeat destination, where people come to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty or have adventure activities like hiking or trekking.

Samten Yongcha Monastery - This monastery is approximately 400 years old with high historical significance. The monastery is situated on the top of the hilltop, it has a statue of Lord Buddha. The whole monastery has curving, sculptures which show the culture & tradition of the place. It’s one of the famous tourist spots in Mechuk & is approximately 1.6 Km from the main area.

Other than that there are different trekking routes available all over Mechuk valley. The adventure-loving people will get a chance to river rafting on the River Silom. A hanging bridge over the river is also one of the tourist attractions here.

Tribal Festivals like Losar celebrated by the Memba tribe, and the Mophin festival also attract tourists.

Local People and their Culture

Arunachal Pradesh is known for its local tribal people, Mechuka being no exception, the Adi tribe has been living here for about a century, and they have a rich history & culture which makes a unique blend & taste of this area. They stay in the Mechuka valley in different villages like Gapo, Pauk, Padusa, Lipusi, Rego, etc. Memba is another tribe that lives in the region. Buddhism and Christianity are the major religions for the local people here with Memba, Adi, English, and Hindi as common local languages spoken.

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