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Tinsukia is one of the largest cities in Assam and is located in the upper Assam area. Tinsukia is one of the most important cities in Assam, the District is also named Tinsukia.

The nearest airport to Tinsukia is Mohanbari (Dibrugarh) 40 km away. National Highway 37 passes through Tinsukia and there is a railway station present in the town.

Tinsukia is the commercial hub of eastern Assam. The town is located 532 Km from Guwahati. The commercial activity of the town has attracted people from all over the country to settle here giving the town a cosmopolitan character. The major local communities of the district are Ahoms, Tea tribes, Moran, Muttock, Singpho etc. The principal languages spoken here include Assamese, Bengali, and Hindi. Tourists can shop for handicrafts, Assam silk, artefacts, local tea and other souvenirs at the market here.

The principal occupation of the people of Tinsukia is agriculture. Tea plantations and agriculture such as oranges, ginger, other citrus fruits, and paddy (rice) are mainly cultivated. Working in the coal mines & oil fields is another occupation for the people of Tinsukia.

Bihu & Durga Puja are the main festival in Tinsukia. The tribal communities have their own indigenous culture and festivals. Tuluni is an important festival at Tinsukia that is celebrated by the Sema Naga people. Shapawang Yawng Manau Poi, Bihu, Ali-Aye-Ligang Saghi festival, etc. are some of the significant festivals observed here.

Tinsukia was the capital of the Muttack Kingdom. The Bangmara city was built by King Sarbananda Singha with the help of his Minister Gopinath Barbaruah. The city was built in the middle of present-day Tinsukia city. The Tinsukia name came from a pond named Tinkunia Pukhuri (the pond with three sides) located at the heart of the city.

Places Around

Dibru - Saikhowa National Park - Covering an area of 340 sq km, this park is one of the main attractions of the area. The National Park is located 60 km from Digboi town. Semi-Wild (feral) Horses and White-winged Wood ducks are a rare glimpse at the park. There is also the usual wildlife of North East such as the Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Elephant, Sambar, slow loris, Asiatic Buffalo, Capped Langur, Gangetic Dolphin, Indian Wild dog etc. More than 250 varieties of local and migratory birds are also found here.

Tilinga Mandir (Bell Temple) – The Tilinga Mandir (Bell temple) located at Bordubi, about 17 km from Tinsukia city, is a Shiva temple that thousands of people visit every day. It is believed that one may get his/her wishes fulfilled by offering a bell to this temple.

Digboi is located 34 km away from the city of Tinsukia. more

Sadiya – About 75 Km east of Tinsukia, Sadiya is a sub-divisional headquarters of Tinsukia District. In medieval times, there were trade routes leading from Sadiya into Tibet, China and Burma (Myanmar). Sadiya was the central market for all hill tribes inhabiting the extreme North-East. The place of the Chutias, Sadiya is famous for the Tameswari temple. It is one of the important centres of Shakti worship in Assam. You have to catch a ferry at Dhola Ghat to cross the mighty Brahmaputra to reach Sadiya.

Parashuram Kunda – Situated in the Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh, Parashuram Kunda is about 150 Km. from Tinsukia. It is one of the prominent centres of pilgrimage for the Hindus where thousands of devotees come together to take a dip in 'Kund' (a small lake) during Makar Sankranti (in mid-January).

Rukmini Island – It is located 55 km away from Tinsukia, a beach island covering an area of 3.25 sq. km. is situated in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. It is a safe haven for many indigenous and migratory birds. The best attractions are the long sandy beaches and sandbanks for sunbaths and parasailing. The place is ideal for a holiday that brings you away from the madding crowd, hustle, and bustle of modern life.

Margherita – It is located 36 km away from Tinsukia, the Coal Queen of Assam, Margherita is nature's own paradise. Margherita is a true gift of nature. It was the British who, exploring oil and coal, set up a company here, the first of its kind in the state called 'the Assam Railways and Trading Company' as early as 1881. Margherita is famous for plywood products and the first plywood factory was established here in 1924, which happened to be the fifth in India. Watching the process of making tea and a visit to a plywood factory may also be a pleasant experience. The picturesque Margherita Golf Course, a favourite destination for Golfers, has also added a feather to the crowning beauty of this tiny little town.

Namdapha National Park – It is located 136 km away from Tinsukia. more

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