Anini is a small village in the North-Eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. It is part of what is known as Dibang Valley and is also the capital of the Dibang Valley district. It is one of the new and upcoming tourist destinations of North East India. The area is growing in popularity due to the excellent natural view of the surrounding area.
Anini offers a pleasant climate and ideal tourist access to the Dibang Valley, where the clouds literally come down and hug you. Anini is situated at an altitude of about 2000 meters or about 6500 feet above sea level.

The attractions

Anini is a new and highly unexplored tourist destination. There is no typical sightseeing itinerary established here as yet. The entire village of less than 3000 population and its surrounding area can be visited by car or by foot and the unspoiled beauty of the place can be enjoyed.

Anini has two magnificent rivers, Mathun and Dri, flowing through the town’s edge. The Dri river is east and south of the village and is nearer whereas the Mathun river is west of the village. The two rivers meet just southwest of the village to form the Dibang river. Both Dri Valley and Mathun Valley are good options for undertaking small hikes, Dri Valley is less sloppy and more navigable than Mathun valley.


The name Anini may have originated from Inini or Innini. The Mishmi tribal people are the majority of local residents and Inini is the revered god of the Mishmi people. The Mishmi (also called Deng) people have a rich history. They migrated from ancient Tibet in the 1st or 1st millennium BC. There are three subtribes of Mishmi known as Idu Mishmi (Idu Lhoba), Digaro tribe (Darang Deng), and Miju Mishmi (Kaman Deng). The Dibang Valley is home to the Idu Mishmi people. Idu is the language that these people speak.

Getting There

Anini is one of the most distant tourist destinations in North East. There is no rail station or airport in the immediate vicinity. The nearest airport is Dibrugarh the nearest rail station is Tinsukia. Dibrugarh airport is close to 380 km and given the road condition, it is about 9 hour's drive through the Bhupen Hazarika bridge over the Brahmaputra was opened in 2017. Tinsukia is a 325 km and 8 hours drive. 
Most tourist reaches Anini via Roing. The distance from Roing to Anini is about 225 KM and will take 5 Hrs approx. Roing is also the headquarter of the Lower Dibang Valley district. In between Roing and Anini, there are a few more explorable tourist places such as – Sally Lake and Hunli.

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